Friday, March 28, 2014

Sogeti Visual Studio 2013 ALM Roadshow2014, Örnsköldsvik

I went to Sogeti Visual Studio 2013 ALM Roadshow2014, Örnsköldsvik today. Interesting to hear what's new in Visual Studio 2013. 
Here is my notes from today:

Application Insight

Tool for collecting data on apps performance, crash, environment, etc.


  • Synchronize settings if you login using live account.
  • Scrollbar that gives meta information about the code.
  • Auto history, keeps track of changes locally, makes it possible to make a diff against older versions. Automatically or by doing snapshots.
  • Peek, Inline navigation between sourcecode files. keeps the code/context during navigating/peeking other files.
  • Code Map (VS Ultimate only), Visualizing the code blocks and how they are related. Also when debugging. (Can be opened in VS Premium)
  • Code Lens (VS Ultimate only), meta data inline in code. Test status, testing, bugs, workitem, code reviews, maintainability etc.
  • Team explorer, some tabs can be made floating and be docked  in other areas in VS.

Agile project management

  • Features can be added on a higher level (New in Team Foundation Server TFS 2013)
  • Easy prioriting items
  • Scrum board, easy to move items.

Microsoft Test Manager

  • Create test plan, connected to sprint.
  • Easy to create test cases
  • Can take a test drive of the product and create test case from the test drive.
  • Test professional (Tester or project manager)
  • VS Premium or Ultimate if developers what the test tools.
  • Using the web tools requires license as above.
  • UI test case using C# can be created from tests.
  • Possible to pause and resume test cases.

Release management

InRelease got bought by Microsoft and was integrated into TFS.
  • Free to use to keep track of releases.
  • But automatic deployment requires license for deployment agent (One deployment agent per VS Ultimate license).

Central, Distributed Versioning

  • Check-out Check-in (TFS 2010)
  • Edit Commit (TFS2012, CVS, Suversion)
  • Comit Push Pull (TFS 2013, GIT)