Sunday, September 21, 2014

Use Pomodoro Technique and instrumental music to get into the zone quickly

Was listening to Mark Seeman on .Net Rocks, talking about Getting into the zone.

Got some good advice's, Instrumental music tends to be better to listen to than lyrics or someone is talking when trying to get "into the zone" or flow.
I usually had a podcast or a radio station on while working. But I get it now, listening and processing when someone is talking and in the same time as I'm working with my brain is reducing the mental performance. After changing to classical or instrumental music in my playlist at work, I can feel that it's faster to get into coding quicker when interrupted.

I also picked up the Pomodoro technique mentioned in the show, after reading up on the technique developed by Francesco Cirillo and setting a timer on 25 minutes when working and 5 minutes of rest between every "pomodoro"/work session, I can say it works for me, getting more done every day.

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