Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Raspberry PI 2 and Windows 10 IoT Core

Have been playing around with an Raspberry Pi 2 and Windows 10 IoT Core.

There is a great guide on how to prepare your PC and Raspberry Pi 2 with windows 10 IoT Core here https://ms-iot.github.io/content/en-US/win10/SetupRPI.htm following the guide is easy. But I don't get the requirement for Windows 10 to be able to flash the image to the memory card. But off course to be able to develop you need Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015.

Installed Visual Studio 2015 Community and the IoT Templates. Described here https://ms-iot.github.io/content/en-US/win10/SetupPCRPI.htm

I tried to get the wifi up and running but windows 10 IoT Core seems to only support some USB wifi dongles https://ms-iot.github.io/content/en-US/win10/SetupWiFi.htm So ended up using ethernet cable.

A good advice is to change the default password. So I did that in the a first Powershell session following the setup guide:
net user Administrator [new password]

By starting the Windows IoT Core Watcher on a desktop PC that are on the same network. It's possible to see all Raspberry Pi 2 devices running on the network

By right clicking the item it's possible to open the website on the Raspberry Pi 2 <ip-adress>:8080.


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