Sunday, April 14, 2013

Creating a Windows Store App - Part 1

I haven't done much blogging lately  but I will try to start again. I will make a few blog posts on how to create a Windows Store Application. The parts will be published when they are written so I can't promise how often it will be, because it depends on workload etc. But here we go:

Where do we begin? You need an application idea!

Let's say you are into riding bicycles, what kind of application do all cyclists need?
Well all cyclist needs to make sure that their friends and family knows where they going to ride their bike, so if the cyclist go missing because of an accident they know where to start looking. The application needs to help the bicyclist to do at least:
  • Add a route
  • Changing a route
  • Share a route
To outline the users needs, lets create a fictive user called John Bikealot. John 44 years old living with his wife and two kids. John is a everyday cyclist, commuting to work and does some extra cycling for exercise a few days a week.

How would Mr Bikealot want the "Add a route" feature to work?

He want to minimize the time spent adding routes, he like to ride his bike. So adding a route needs to be as simple as just naming the streets or clicking on a map. Because he will be riding his bike in the same area most of the time he doesn't what to add the same route more than once.

When and Why would Mr Bikealot want to change the route?

Having done training during the summer he starts feeling fresh in the legs late on the route, so extending the route with a detour on some new roads might be necessary to get the same time on the bike as he had early on the season. But he want to do this in a quick way not spending any unnecessary time in front of a computer.

How does Mr Bikealot want to share the routes with his family and friends?

The easiest way possible. Email or status by doing an update on Facebook perhaps.

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